Keep It Local Parsons

A stronger community - A stronger local economy

Keep It Local Parsons!

Building a healthy local economy
by supporting local merchants


Let's Bring You Up To Speed

Basic overview

What is all this? is one part of a local campaign to make aware, the local populace, of the abilities, products and services provided by locally owned businesses. I believe support of local business is an improtant key in the health of our local community. From more entertainment and shopping to unique and useful items provided locally. I hope you will join me in this campaign to make our community a strong and growing one. Each and every person in Parsons can benifit from this.

Who Will I Find Here?

Local People

This site is for promotion of locally owned businesses only. You will not find any "big box stores" or giant discount stores here. To be on this site your business must be locally owned.


What's The Point?

Growth...what else? Local business stimulates growth and growth encourages establishment of more local businesses. It's a vicious cycle, but I like it.


Encouraging Boycotting?

We are in no way asking anyone to boycott any business of any sort. We are, however, trying to give you some food for thought and a directory of businesses that the support of will build a stronger Parsons.



This site is individually maintained and is not directly associated with the City of Parsons, Parsons Chamber of Commerce, or Downtown Parsons Inc.